The Music

We are in production of my debut album with Grammy Award winning producer Will Ackerman and quickly approaching completion. My deepest thanks to all of you who have waited so patiently for me in this.

Thanks for listening,

Beautiful Mist:
Robert, Will, Noah, Christie, Jaya
Caverns of the Clouds:
Robert, Michael, Tracy
Robert, Michael,
The Swing On The Ridge:
After The Sunrise:
Robert, Will, Noah
Silent Passage: Robert
The Journey: Robert, Samite, John, Noah, Michael, Jeff
Autumn Breeze: Robert, Will, Derrik, Jeff
Whisper: Robert, Derrick

Guest Artists:

~Will Ackerman - acoustic guitar (Founder of Windham Hill)
~Tracy Silverman, Violin, Viola (LA Philharmonic, Windham Hill)
~Samite' - umbera, vocals ( Soul of Africa, Windham Hill)
~Noah Wilding - background vocals
~Michael Manring - fretless bass (Michael Hedges, Windham Hill)
~Jaya - piano
~John Huling - native American flute
~Jeff Pearce - atmospheric electric guitar
~Derrik Jordan - percussion, e-bow
~Christie McCall - background vocals