All my life I've believed that Acoustic Music is pure emotion, emotion being a reflection of the heart and the heart, a mirror to the mind.
It's with people that we can truly make a difference, and thru this Music I hope to be able to do this.

The things about myself that I feel are most important to someone are the same things that I find interesting in other people. Those things being, the philosophy of what we believe, our interests, and the things in life that each of us cherish and enjoy most. These are the kinds of things that I'm going to share with you, as well as my musical perspective.

Firstly, I believe in God and from this flows all things. I began exploring the guitar at the age of 8 and the piano at age 13. I tried to take the formal approach to music by taking lessons for guitar, but quickly found this to be more restrictive to me than just making my way with these instruments in my own good time. My attention span not nearly long enough to compensate for the devotion needed to formally train to learn these instruments. Over the years I've went back n forth between the two never really taking either of them seriously much less myself as well as the music that I've written. An artist I respect very much said it best. (Will Ackerman) "It's hard to take credit for what I've written, it comes through the hand and fingers and is played but seems more like a gift than anything else". Will said something to effect of this quite some time ago when he created something very special. It was called Windham Hill, a record company that later became the standard by which the genre of music I love is measured. At least this is my opinion and my perspective. I know little of reading music in standard notation or tablature. I've found my way on each of these instruments kind of like a person looking for a light switch in a dark unfamiliar room. But like this example, each time I found what I was looking for, it became easier to find my way back to it... One can get around pretty well at finding his way around in the dark after a while. So I guess you could say that I believe that anything can be achieved with persistance and opening your heart to the experience.

Instrumental acoustic music to me is a universal language. All who hear it can feel the emotion conveyed without the need for translation. I strive to make and convey emotion in my pieces in hopes that the listener will derive from it the emotion I'm feeling in the piece and from that emotion they can feel it for their own personal meaning.

I've been fortunate to have traveled all over the world, from Australia, Japan, Thailand to many others and have been fortunate to have lived in places such as Hawaii. The thing I cherish the most is the gift of being able to meet so many different people and to see their culture, ideals, and to learn about them. Even though so many different languages are spoken around the world, music seems to be universal, and can be understood regardless of the language that is spoken.

God Bless...