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A new piece I've written, "After the Sunrise" is featured on New Land Music's "Woodsongs" an acoustic guitar collection, now available.

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Various artists - Woodsongs (An Acoustic Guitar Collection)

by Lloyd Barde

Having considered all strings and past guitar compilations, it is exciting to hear this new CD that resets the standard for innovation in a time-honored tradition. While the guitar-o-meter may well need to be re-calibrated for "Woodsongs," it is true there are many such collections over the years that connect on technical and style levels, but few if any that have ever been so engaging, personally affecting and emotionally versatile. Above all, the sound quality is beyond brilliant, which can be attributed to the mastering of Bob Ludwig, whose credits are a veritable who's who across all musical styles. 17 tracks by 17 different artists make for such a full program that it will take many listens to begin to digest the artistic expression and mastery that is on full display here. I was first taken by "Quintana Roo," an unreleased track from Preston Reed who employs all aspects of his instrument, and "Thank You" by Adam Werner, who conceived the idea for this project. Later, I began really hearing the colorful, pastel beauty of "Hand Signals," a brand new track from Alex DeGrassi, and "After the Sunrise," a track by Robert Walling with female voices woven through the mix. Will Ackerman, who contributes the exquisite closing track, "Last Day at the Beach," feels this surpasses the great Windham Hill Guitar samplers from the seminal period of that label (which he founded) & what previously epitomized this expression.






The 2007 tour schedule

Benefit Concert, Fri Aug 10th
Cap May, New Jersey. Private concert, by Invitation 8PM
with Will Ackerman, David Cullen, & Jill Haley

Windham Hill Winter Solstice Tour, Fri Dec 7th
Sandler Performing Arts Center, Virginia Beach, VA 8PM
with Will Ackerman, Liz Story, Samite & David Cullen